SPS Pharma Tech India is one of the best names in the market who can manufacture FDA grade silicone inflatable gaskets. We are industry known inflatable gasket manufacturers in India. These food grade silicone FBD gaskets are used by many industries like beverage, dairy, medical, food, pharmaceutical, oil, chemicals industry etc. These are also called FDA grade inflatable FBD seal gasket since they are used in sealing applications. These silicone sealing gaskets will prevent the gas/liquid leakage and functions like a cycle tube. When it is inflated it seals the container and provides complete fool-proof sealing. They are used for sealing applications, silicone door beading etc. These food grade inflatable FBD seal gaskets maintain seals under high temperature and pressure. We provide all types of inflatable gaskets. They are used in surgical equipment, food processing equipment, industrial washing and extractor machines etc. We have vast experience in designing and manufacturing inflatable gaskets of different specifications and requirements.

Silicone Gasket Manufacturers

SPS Pharma Tech India is one of the most acclaimed inflatable gasket manufacturers in Bangalore, India. We use high-quality materials and modern techniques while manufacturing these inflatable gaskets. We use food/pharma grade transparent silicone rubber or neoprene rubber. These are also called neoprene FBD gasket. These gaskets are mainly used for sealing and also used in application where contamination is not acceptable. SPS Pharma Tech India has vast experience in manufacturing and supplying of fbd inflatable gaskets. We have most modern machinery in place for manufacturing. Our marketing team is spread across the country. We have supplied these neoprene fbd gaskets to many firms in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Baddi, Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh and more cities. We have garnered trust and faith of customers from all industrial sectors. We are one of the largest silicone gasket manufacturers in India today. Contact us for high quality fbd seal gasket, silicone door gaskets or FBD neoprene gasket.

Silicone Door Beading Gaskets

SPS Pharma Tech India designs and manufactures silicone door beading gaskets. They are useful in door seals of various applications. They provide fool proof sealing without making any contamination. They do not impart any odor or color to the fluids of the container. They are widely used food, pharma and medical applications.


  • Not subjected to compression set which negates effect of other seals.
  • Provides a leak proof closure and allows clearance when required.
  • Gives Tolerance and Pressure.
  • Leak proof property at joint and nozzle.


  • Conveyors and material handling systems
  • Electronic/Wafer semiconductor processing
  • Robotics and fluid sealing
  • Industrial washing and extractor machines
  • Medical sterilizers
  • Fluid bed dryers in pharmaceutical applications
  • Food processing equipment
  • Equipment hatch seals
  • Torus and wet well access hatch seals
  • Refueling canal hatch seals
  • Pool gate seals
  • Industries for inflatable gaskets
  • Airlock shaft seals
  • Airlock door seals
  • Nuclear door seals
  • Personal access door seals
  • Dry well head seals
  • Inflatable door and valve seals
  • Powder and bulk solid handling machinery