With the lot of experience and knowledge SPS Pharma Tech India is considered as one of the major manufacturers and suppliers of food grade silicone transparent tubes in India. These tubes are used by the various industries like food, medical, chemical, automotive, engineering industries etc. The main reason to use silicone transparent tubing is; it is highly flexible and hydrophobic in nature. We are manufacturing our FDA grade silicone transparent tubing using 100% pure silicone rubber. In the pharma, medical and food industry sectors these tubes are commonly used as they do not get stick to the tissue. Moreover these food grade silicone tubings do not impart any color or odor to the materials. We also supply platinum cured silicone tubing. We are one of the top FDA grade silicone tubing manufacturers in India. We customize or manufacture the silicone tubes according to the clients requirements. We supply silicone transparent tubing with temperature resistance range from -50°C to + 200°C.

Silicone Tubing Manufacturers

We at SPS Pharma Tech India manufacture a wide range of rubber products for food, medical, electrical, chemical, automotive, and engineering industries etc. Silicone transparent tubes are specially used in the food industry to carry liquid in the manufacturing unit and they are highly hydrophobic. We manufacture the silicone tubes according to customer specification. We supply these silicone tubing to all over India including Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Baddi, Hyderabad, Delhi, Ahmadabad, Pune, Kolkata etc. Our product has gained appreciation from our clients for its suitability, durability and other desirable properties.


  • Fully Transparent and Flexible.
  • Odorless and can withstand many drugs/chemicals
  • Prevents bacterial growth.
  • Non-toxic and excellent heat resistant from -50°C to + 200°C.
  • It replaces latex and PVC tubes.


  • In Injection and Vial Filling Machines.
  • In Peristaltic pumps.
  • For transfer of oral liquids like syrups, tonics etc.
  • For transfer of oral ointments, creams etc.


We supply FDA grade silicone transparent tubes at below specified sizes and specifications

Catalogue No ID (mm) OD (mm) WT (mm)
SPS-101-60 3 6 1.5
SPS-102-60 4 8 2
SPS-103-60 5 10 2.5
SPS-104-60 6 9 1.5
SPS-105-60 6 10 2
SPS-106-60 6 11 2.5
SPS-107-60 6 12 3
SPS-108-60 7 12 2.5
SPS-109-60 8 11 1.5
SPS-110-60 8 12 2
SPS-111-60 8 13 2.5
SPS-112-60 8 14 3
SPS-113-60 8 16 4
SPS-114-60 8 20 6
SPS-115-60 9 15 3
SPS-116-60 10 16 3
SPS-117-60 12 16 2
SPS-118-60 12 18 3
SPS-119-60 12 20 4
SPS-120-60 16 24 4
SPS-121-60 20 25 2.5
SPS-122-60 25 31 3